“In Foreign Transit” is a 3 piece collective, aiming to tell a narrative that allows audiences to experience day-to-day culture through culinary and visual documentation of indigenous spaces. The project encompasses a variety of mediums; focusing on food, video, and photography, online media, real life media, various deliverables, and with the end product being an exhibition that showcases a photography gallery, a food extravaganza, and a short film.

Created by Dewald Brand (filmmaker), along with Max Mogale (whose photographs resonates a certain vigour) and Jade De Waal (whose culinary skills tells a story about the spaces we occupy) set out on the first leg of the journey through India to share with the world why their passions are worth taking note of.

Delving into an unknown and coming up with a product that encompasses their experience the entire journey was filmed, photographed,and documented online. Upon return the trio hosted an event that encompassed all that they discovered from their respective art form; Jade and a food showcase, Max and photography exhbition and silent auction, Dewald and a short film screening and live installation. The event was a huge success and since then they have been asked to talk at various events and conferences, Max’s photos have been featured in numerous publications, and the ‘In Foreing Transit – India’ short film won the ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the Ster Kinekor Short Film Festival in 2015.

The following leg of the journey looks to take them through the vast lands of Vietnam, so be sure to join them for yet another adventure in March.

Check out the teaser below…