Photo Diary: Phan Rang – The City Of Salt

So one day recently Jade, Dewald and myself are walking down the streets of Hanoi. We just so happened to spot a photo exhibition in a small gallery while we were on our way to get some coffee. When we walked in we’re greeted by some of the most amazing images I’ve seen in a long time by a Vietnamese photographer about the various salt mines that harvest sea salt in Vietnam. These pics were taken in about the 90s or so I was a little skeptical as to whether this kind of thing still existed. Luckily enough it did.

Long story short, we picked a city, book a flight that very night and we were in Phan Rang the very next day. Have a ganger at the gallery above to see how I saw the whole thing.

And in case you missed it here’s the cool short film we dropped about The City Of Salt:

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