So a couple days ago we visited the salt mines of the sleepy city of Phan Rang, Vietnam.

Why on earth would we decide to go there? Well, glad you asked…

So the three of us (Jade, Max, myself) all arrived and met up in Hanoi, ¬†where on the first day we stumbled upon a small photo gallery showcasing an old collection of images of salt being farmed. After doing a bit of research we booked a flight for the next day out to head to a place we didn’t really know anything about. All we kind of knew was that they supposedly had salt.

And lots of it it they had.

In between travelling and filming our next locations (Sapa Valley, Ha Long Bay, Trang An, Hanoi), we threw together this little film in the meantime.

Be sure to stay up to date as we continue with our travels through Vietnam over the next couple weeks.



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