“In Foreign Transit” is an online, photo, written,  and video documentation of three young and unique South African creatives each focusing on of their respective arts and passions while on a three week journey through India.

The campaign involves a team of 3, including:

-The Chef : Jade De Waal (Foodjams.com)
-The Photographer : Max Mogale (guerrillagrapher.co.za)
-The Videographer : Dewald Brand (GrandKidsCollective.com)

The overall mission of this trip will entail exploring 2-3 distinct parts of India, one of the most photogenic and culturally rich countries on the planet. Each travel member will be indulging in their passion and art along the way– Max capturing all the freeze frame moments, Jade cooking up a storm, and Dewald recording with each step taken.

The trip would in the end result and manifest the following:

- a 28-45 minute documentary (which we hope to enter into film festivals and competitions)
- a photo exhibition (and possibly a book) showcasing what Max saw through his lens on the trip
- a cookbook containing recipes, secrets and more picked up by Jade along the trip.

We will also be keeping the public up to date on our adventure at InForeignTransit.com - the blog will be update almost daily, and highlight reels will be uploaded every 2-3 days…

We plan on hosting an ‘all-encompassing’ event to screen the documentary well as host Max’s photo exhibition and showcase Jade’s cookbook and recipes. Shoukd make for a merry ol’ time and any body is invited. We will be releasing more info about the event once close to the dates…

In the meantime, hit us up or stay up to date by following us on the following:

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Instagram-  @In_Foreign_Transit